Ranking every Manchester United home shirt of the Premier League era

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JULY 22: Mason Mount #7 of Manchester United during the Champions Tour soccer game against Arsenal on July 22, 2023 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Despite their struggles in recent seasons, Manchester United are still the most successful team of the Premier League era – and they’ve had some pretty impressive kits in that time, too.

We’ve ranked each and every home shirt Manchester United have worn in the Premier League to date.

This is entirely subjective and you may well disagree with our order here. Still, if you do want to slag us off, tweet @planetfutebol.

24. 2018-19

The black stripes that cover the bottom half of the shirt are meant to be a nod to the club’s history, but it looks more like a barcode.

23. 1996-97

We’re still not sure why Umbro decided to move the United badge to the centre of the shirt. The strange sleeves and different colours don’t really help either.

22. 2016-17

Adidas tried something different with this kit. They shouldn’t have bothered.

21. 2022-23

Look, we tried but we just couldn’t look past that collar. Ronaldo’s face says it all.

20. 2014-15

Much like Louis van Gaal’s football, this kit was pretty forgettable.

19. 2009-10

Nike ruined three years’ worth of good work in 2009-10. The black chevron leaves this like something a rugby league club would wear.

Still, Owen v Man City…

18. 2004-06

This would’ve been a nice shirt if the badge was in the right place.

17. 2021-22

Not bad, but it will always be the shirt they wore during their lowest-ever Premier League points tally.

16. 2010-11

After the chevron disaster, Nike went back to simplicity. Dimitar Berbatov still manages to make it look cool, though.

15. 2017-18

Essentially the same as the 2015-16 shirt but with a buttoned collar.

14. 2011-12

A decent effort and a good collar, but it was tainted by a painful oh-so-close season.

13. 2002-04

Diego Forlan struggling to get his shirt back on against Southampton springs to mind when we see this kit. In a good way.

12. 2023-24

Very smart. Can definitely see this growing on us and rising up the list in years to come – dependent on how the team fares, of course.

11. 2019-20

A throwback to 1999 and we actually quite like the crest. Even the Chevrolet logo can’t ruin this kit.

10. 2012-13

Robin van Persie, Sir Alex Ferguson and a Premier League title.

9. 2000-02

Quite a smart and stylish kit that became associated with David Beckham. That can never be a bad thing.

8. 2020-21

A twist on a classic. It almost doesn’t work… but somehow does.

7. 2013-14

The black button-down collar looked sleek and this shirt deserved better than the football that David Moyes served up.

6. 2006-07

A white v-neck, cuffs and a gold trim. What’s not to like? It’s no coincidence that United won the league while wearing this in 2007.

5. 1994-96

It’s not every day that you see a football stadium on a club kit, but somehow United managed to pull it off.

4. 2015-16

Adidas reclaimed the rights to produce United’s jerseys in 2015 and came back with a bang.

3. 1998-00

This iconic kit might just be more impressive than United’s Treble in 1999.

2. 1992-94

Eric Cantona. White collar. Enough said.

1. 2007-09

A clear winner. Nike kept things simple with this clean kit and the white stripe down the back makes it even better.

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