Ranking every Premier League away shirt for the 2019-20 season

The Premier League gets underway this weekend, and all 20 clubs have released their home shirts ahead of the 2019-20 season – but which is your favourite?

At Planet Football Towers, we individually ranked the 20 shirts ourselves, with each kit then given a point depending on where they came in each ranking – i.e. one point if it was ranked first, two if it was ranked second etc.

We then added up the scores, with the lowest score coming first, and the highest score coming out last. If we’ve still upset you, tweet us at @planetfutebol.

20. Norwich City

Alan Partridge didn’t die for this.

19. Southampton

Southampton have bad kits this year. Sorry.

18. Newcastle United

It’s just not very Newcastle United, is it? In fact, it’s far more Plymouth Argyle.

17. Watford

Look, we just can’t be enthusiastic about everything, alright?

16. Sheffield United

We just can’t stop looking at Billy Sharp’s left nipple.

15. Everton

This is inspired by Everton’s first league title-winning team of 1890-91, but we weren’t alive then.

14. Brighton

Roger Federer sometimes wears all black outfits when he plays tennis and looks pretty badass. Roger Federer doesn’t play for Brighton.

13. Bournemouth

This is the third kit ranking we’ve done ahead of the new season. Sixty-four shirts in total. Sometimes it’s hard to find anything interesting to say about a Bournemouth shirt.

12. Crystal Palace

We don’t really know what’s going on here, but we think that might actually be a good thing.

11. Liverpool

Sadio looks sharp.

10. Tottenham

We’re not sure why Eric Dier looks so pensive. This is alright.

9. Wolves

This is smart. Very smart.

8. Burnley

Burnley have been clever enough to include sexy long sleeves in their photoshoots. They also announced this with the headline ‘It’s A Bit Of Blue!’, which was nice.

7. Manchester United

Somewhat polarising, but enough people like it to ensure it ranks highly.


6. Chelsea

Ethan Ampadu won’t get to wear this on loan at RB Leipzig, so he’ll just have to buy a Fred Perry polo.

5. Manchester City

We wish we could have seen Pep down the Hacienda listening to Voodoo Ray in this.

4. Aston Villa

Villa can be proud of both their home and away kits this year.

3. West Ham

Well, after the initial round of voting, the top three all came out level, after which we had to open it up to more ruffians in the office. West Ham can feel unlucky not to finish higher up.

2. Leicester City

Leicester have taken that beautiful Germany template and made it pink. Of course it f*cking bangs.

1. Arsenal

Had to be, hadn’t it?

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