Ranking every Premier League home shirt of the 2020-21 season

The prolonged summer of football has somewhat overshadowed the most important time of the year. No, not the transfer window, God forbid, but kit launch season.

We got our heads together to come up with an incredibly scientific way to determine the perfect ranking of all 20 home shirts for the 2020-21 Premier League campaign. Basically, four of us ranked them and we took an average…

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20. Fulham

The only team left to reveal their home shirt, Fulham are set to launch their new kit on the opening day of the season, earning their place at the bottom of this ranking for being spoil sports.

19. West Brom 

‘Ideal Boilers’ makes us want to turn to degenerate gambling more than any other gambling sponsor.

18. Crystal Palace

*searches YouTube for Power Rangers theme tune*

17. Sheffield United

Adidas are keen on that V-neck style collar with a thick trim for 2020-21. We’re less keen.

16. Burnley

This received a vote as high as sixth, mainly thanks to that collar, only to be let down by three lower rankings.

“Yeah I like the Burnley collar. But apart from that it’s nasty,” was one rather damning verdict.

15. Newcastle United

Every summer it feels like we’re left rueing that sponsor for ruining another Newcastle shirt.

14. Manchester City

City finished level on points with Newcastle in our ranking but finished one place higher on account of receiving the highest single vote (sixth).

It’s certainly better than their third kit, which prompted Liam Gallagher to tweet: “Who ever is responsible for that new Man City kit needs putting on the nxt flight to WUHAN and who ever buys it needs to be on the 1 after c’mon you should fucking know LG x”

As you were PF x

13. Leeds United

Every summer Leeds fans yearn for a plain white home kit and more or less every summer one arrives to the sound of grumbling, “It’s a bit bloody plain.”

Our Rob is willing to fight bet with anyone that they finish higher than this in the league table.

12. Tottenham

It hasn’t exactly been well received by Spurs fans, but two of us ranked this in seventh. It hasn’t exactly been helped by another ranking of 18th though.

11. Brighton

It’s better than Crystal Palace, which is far as we’re aware is the only purpose Brighton have in the Premier League.

The one-button collar is a nice touch.

10. Everton

“More than eleven” indeed – but only just. It did get one vote of third, mainly because the Premier League needs more Hummel-manufactured kits.

9. Wolves

Three votes of 12th-14th, one vote of third. Apparently, “when you see Adama and Jimenez in it you’ll change your minds”. It must have really wide sleeves in that case.

8. Chelsea

Sometimes less is more.

7. Leicester City

They were always going to struggle to replicate last season’s efforts, but this still manages to feel like every Leicester home shirt of the past five years.

6. Aston Villa

Put Burnley’s collar onto Kappa’s Villa shirt and you have a winner.

5. West Ham

Umbro have been a lot more reliable than West Ham in recent years.

4. Southampton

This received one ranking of 14th on account of ‘not being a Southampton shirt’ but was voted in at number two by two members of staff, earning it a Champions League qualification spot.

3. Manchester United

Adidas seem more likely to be a bit more daring than their standard templates with bigger clubs, and it definitely works.

2. Liverpool

If it’s good enough for LeBron James, it’s more than good enough for us.

1. Arsenal

Every one of us ranked this at number one. We suspect Adidas’ Arsenal shirts are going to rank highly for years to come.

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