Ranking every Premier League home shirt of the 2021-22 season

All 20 Premier League clubs have released their new home shirts ahead of the 2021-22 season – but which is your favourite?

We got our heads together to come up with an incredibly scientific way to determine the perfect ranking of all 20 home shirts for the 2021-22 Premier League campaign. Basically, three of us ranked them and we took an average…

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20. Watford

While it’s better than their home kit from last season, that’s not exactly saying much.

19. Leicester City

A lot of Premier League clubs will be jealous of the way that Leicester City are run, but very few Premier League clubs will be jealous of their home kit. Especially that sponsor, which is pure Sunday league.

18. Norwich City

That circular sponsor is the final nail in the coffin for this Norwich kit.

17. Chelsea

If you stare directly at this kit for too long, you’ll fall into a trance and start signing ‘Blue is the colour’ on repeat.

16. Brentford

That sponsor. That damned sponsor.

15. Newcastle United

There’s not a lot to smile about for Newcastle United fans right now and this kit will have hardly helped matters.

14. Wolves

It is absolutely fine. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

13. Liverpool

We can only imagine that Nike forgot about Liverpool’s kit and panicked before the deadline, deciding to draw some orange lines across the 2020-21 version.

12. Southampton

After going with a brilliant sash design in 2020-21, Southampton have reverted back to their traditional red and white stripes for this season.

They’ve consequently dropped down from fourth to 12th in this ranking. Should’ve kept the sash.

11. Manchester City

Instead of breaking the British transfer record, City should’ve spent a bit more money fixing this kit. The cut – and in particular that neck – ruin what could’ve been a great shirt.

10. Aston Villa

Villa may have lost Jack Grealish to City, but they finished above Pep Guardiola’s side here so they’re clearly the real winners.

9. Everton

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The Premier League needs more Hummel-manufactured kits.

8. Burnley

While Burnley aren’t exactly renowned for their attractive style of football, they more than make up for it with this beautiful home kit.

7. Manchester Utd

Our resident Leeds fan unsurprisingly gave this a vote of 17th, but the rest of us were suitably impressed to bump it up our ranking. 

6. Leeds

Another tidy enough offering from Adidas. Points docked for the Stabilo Boss yellow, which conjures images of someone necking Berocca and taking a piss on clean white snow.

5. Tottenham

Sometimes less is more.

4. Arsenal 

Having finished top of this list in the previous two seasons, Arsenal had hoped to make it three in a row but they’ve fallen just short.

Mikel Arteta would still snap your hand off for an actual top four finish this season, however.

3. Crystal Palace

Fair f*cks, Palace.

2. Brighton

Brighton have returned to their familiar blue and white stripes for the 2021-22 season and it’s helped them move up nine places in the ranking. 

More importantly for Brighton fans, they managed to pip Crystal Palace to second place.

1. West Ham

Inspired by the kit that was worn when Paolo Di Canio scored that stunning goal against Wimbledon, West Ham have gone old school here. 

Every single one of us ranked their 2021-22 kit in the top four and that’s enough to earn the Hammers a thoroughly deserved gold medal.

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