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Ranking every Premier League side by their number of TV appearances in 23-24

The 2023-24 Premier League campaign is now right around the corner and the TV schedules for August and September have now been confirmed.

Sky Sports and TNT Sports have confirmed their TV schedules until the final weekend of September. Amazon Prime Video will also be showing each Premier League team twice in December as part of their streaming deal.

From the scheduled TV games so far, Newcastle actually top the list with eight confirmed appearances on the telly. With six games on TV in the opening two months and a further two games being shown in December.

Eddie Howe’s side now sit at the top table following their heroics last season and they will be getting plenty of coverage in the Champions League too.

The likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham have all been pencilled in for seven TV appearances so far. Manchester United and Liverpool are then closely behind with six TV appearances each.

Of the traditional top six, Manchester City have the fewest number of TV showings so far. Pep Guardiola’s side have been confirmed for five appearances on the telly which is the same as Aston Villa, Brighton, Sheffield United, West Ham and Wolves.

Guardiola’s side actually kick off the 2023-24 Premier League campaign with a trip to Turf Moor to face Vincent Kompany’s Burnley on Friday night. This game will be shown live on Sky and has the potential to be a cracker.

While all of the big boys have plenty of screen time, some other Premier League clubs will be shown significantly less. The likes of Luton Town and Nottingham Forest only have four confirmed TV appearances so far, with two of those matches coming way down the line in December.

Fulham have been most hard-done-by though as they have the fewest number of TV showings so far. Marco Silva’s side defied expectations last season, but they aren’t getting much love from the TV cameras this time.

In total, Fulham have just three TV appearances scheduled so far, with only one game being shown in the opening two months. Along with their two obligatory Amazon Prime appearances in December, Fulham’s game against Chelsea is the only one being shown by Sky or TNT Sports.

We’ve gone through the TV schedules and totted up how many TV appearances each Premier League side has been pencilled in for.

Note: Sky Sports and TNT Sports have confirmed their TV schedules for August and September, while Amazon Prime have confirmed their December showings.

Number of TV appearances:

1. Newcastle United – 8
=2. Arsenal – 7
=2. Chelsea – 7
=2. Tottenham – 7
=5. Manchester United – 6
=5. Liverpool – 6
=5. Brentford – 6
=5. Everton – 6
=9. Manchester City – 5
=9. Aston Villa – 5
=9. Brighton – 5
=9. Sheffield United – 5
=9. West Ham United – 5
=9. Wolves – 5
=15. Bournemouth – 4
=15. Burnley – 4
=15. Crystal Palace – 4
=15. Nottingham Forest – 4
=15. Luton Town – 4
20. Fulham – 3

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