Ranking Liverpool’s greatest scorers by their goals per game: Salah 2nd

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Mohamed Salah celebrates scoring during the Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester City at Anfield, Liverpool, October 2022.

Liverpool have benefitted from some truly incredible goalscorers during their 129-year history – but who was the most prolific? 

Ian Rush is the club’s all-time leading goalscorer, having scored a total of 346 goals in all competitions across two different spells at Anfield.

Mohamed Salah ranks amongst some of Liverpool’s most elite forwards of years gone by.

After signing his new deal with Liverpool over the summer Jurgen Klopp was adamant that there is still more to come from Liverpool’s Egyptian King.

“I have no doubt Mo’s best years are still to come. And that’s saying something, because the first five seasons here have been the stuff of legend,” Klopp told the club website.

“Fitness-wise, he’s a machine – in the most incredible shape. He works hard on it and he gets his rewards. His ability and his skill level gets higher each season, and his decision-making has gone to another level also.

“He is adored by his teammates. As coaches we know we work with someone special. And the supporters have crowned him a king. So, very cool.

“It is just great news. It makes me smile thinking about it. He stays with us for longer and it means we can achieve more together.”

We’ve ranked Liverpool’s top 15 goalscorers of all time by their goals-per-game ratio to see who comes out on top. Note: Mo Salah is the only player on this list who is still actively playing for the club.

1. Gordon Hodgson

Games: 377
Goals: 241
Goals per game: 0.63

2. Mo Salah

Games: 275
Goals: 170
Goals per game: 0.62

3. Jack Parkinson

Games: 219
Goals: 128
Goals per game: 0.58

4. Roger Hunt

Games: 492
Goals: 285
Goals per game: 0.579

5. Sam Raybould

Games: 226
Goals: 130
Goals per game: 0.575

6. Michael Owen

Games: 297
Goals: 158
Goals per game: 0.53

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7. Ian Rush

Games: 660
Goals: 346
Goals per game: 0.52

8. Robbie Fowler

Games: 369
Goals: 183
Goals per game: 0.49


Liverpool's Robbie Fowler celebrates scoring their second goal against Manchester United at Anfield, March 2001.

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9. Harry Chambers

Games: 339
Goals: 151
Goals per game: 0.44

10. Dick Forshaw

Games: 288
Goals: 123
Goals per game: 0.427

11. Billy Liddell 

Games: 534
Goals: 228
Goals per game: 0.426

12. Jack Balmer

Games: 312
Goals: 110
Goals per game: 0.35

13. Kenny Dalglish

Games: 515
Goals: 172
Goals per game: 0.33

14. Ian St John

Games: 425
Goals: 118
Goals per game: 0.27

15. Steven Gerrard

Games: 710
Goals: 186
Goals per game: 0.26

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