Ranking eight of the best *long* long-range PL goals: Alonso, Suarez, Rooney

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Manchester United, Liverpool and Everton player have scored some of the best looooong-range goals in Premier League history – but which has been the best?

We’re not talking 30-yard spanks into the top corner, we’re talking your 40, 50, 60, 70 yarders here, Gary.

We’ve ranked the best eight long, long-distance goals to be scored in the Premier League. Tell us how wrong we are at @planetfutebol.

8. Wayne Rooney v West Ham

Rooney has form for this, to be fair, but this loses out as there is no goalkeeper. Joe Hart has form for that, too.

7. Xabi Alonso v Newcastle

Beautiful Xabi deserves credit for dispossessing the Newcastle attacker, rejecting two passing options and then unleashing this from 60 yards.

But, honestly, Steve Harper’s had a mare, here.

6. Luis Suarez v Norwich

Suarez did this kind of thing against John Ruddy all the time. This was just par for the course.

5. Jonjo Shelvey v Aston Villa

This one doesn’t get spoken about anywhere near as much as some of the others for some reason, but it’s very Dejan Stankovic vs Manuel Neuer-lite. Lovely.

4. Wayne Rooney v West Ham

There’s a lot to love about this: the way James Tomkins gets nudged off the ball by the gentlest of pushes, the way Adrian gets spectacularly confused, the way David Beckham and his son can’t stifle their laughter in the stands.

3. Maynor Figueroa v Stoke

Audacious, no daft goalkeeping, scored by one of Steve Bruce’s favourite Hondurans. Thumbs up all round.

2. Charlie Adam v Chelsea

Adam has attempted this every time he has stepped onto a football field. And he’s actually pulled it off more than once. You’ve never seen Xherdan Shaqiri do this, have you?

1. David Beckham v Wimbledon

Predictably for ol’ Goldenballs, this is all very showbiz: the glamour, the ludicrous precision, Neil Sullivan’s hopeless jump, how the crowd rise to their feet knowing what they’re witnessing, the way it hits the back of the shallow net without bouncing. Even confetti is thrown FFS.

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