Every current Prem club ranked by net spend between 2014-2019: Spurs 18th

While money has become an increasingly important factor in football, Manchester United have shown that it doesn’t guarantee success in recent years.

As part of football finance expert Swiss Ramble‘s fascinating analysis of Arsenal, he ranked the 20 current Premier League clubs by their net spend between 2014-15 and 2018-19.

Despite a huge net spend of over £500million, United still haven’t won a Premier League title since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013.

Manchester City and Chelsea also rank highly, but they at least have four league titles between them in that time to show for it.

Tottenham, meanwhile, were below the likes of Burnley and West Brom while ending this period with an appearance in the Champions League final under Mauricio Pochettino, although they have splashed the cash more freely in the last three transfer windows. 

1. Man City – £639m
2. Man Utd – £590m
3. Chelsea – £440m
4. Liverpool – £337m
5. Arsenal – £329m
6. Everton – £312m
7. West Ham – £209m
8. Leicester City – £194m
9. Fulham – £148m
10. Brighton – £143m
11. Crystal Palace – £138m
12. Wolves – £131m
13. Newcastle – £117m
14. Burnley – £92m
15. West Brom – £84m
16. Southampton – £81m
17. Aston Villa – £74m
18. Tottenham – £63m
19. Leeds – £4m
20. Sheffield United – £13m profit

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