Ranking the top 10 World Cup shirts ever ft. France, Germany, Italy, USA

France, Germany and Argentina have worn some of the greatest kits to have graced the World Cup, but who holds the crown for the best shirt ever?

We thought about doing this ourselves, but then we realised we didn’t really want the hate. So we let our friends at COPA90 do it instead. Direct your anger at them, not us.

We reckon they’ve made a decent job of it – though the only entry from last time’s tournament is certainly splitting opinion – but just remember, if you disagree, don’t blame us. Please.

Stretching as far back as 1974, here are 10 of the finest World Cup kits in history.

10. Italy 2006

Simple, elegant, a winner. Especially internationally, kits with central badges are always up there. The gold Puma logo is everything as well.

9. Brazil 1998

When we think of the World Cup, we think of Brazil. And when we think of Brazil, we think of this kit.

Everything about it is wonderful, including the players who wore it and the tournament in which they wore it in. Wonderful.

8. Zaire 1974

Just as iconic as not knowing the rules of a free kick is this belter that Adidas produced for unknown entity Zaire in 1974.

7. Mexico 1998

Not the last time that France 1998 will appear in this list, this effort from Mexico is absolutely astounding.

Linking back to their Aztec history with the wall carving style backprint yet keeping their smart green shirt with a white and red trim, this is beautiful.

6) Nigeria 2018

Now this is where people might get upset.

One of just two from this millennium to make the top 10, we’re firmly alongside the three million people who pre-ordered this Nike kit.

Retro yet modern, we love it. The sleeves take it from excellent to top drawer.

5) Argentina 1978

From the World Cup where squad numbers were handed out alphabetically, including Ossie Ardiles wearing No.2.

The shirt is impeccable, with wide blue and white stripes, and the iconic gold logo on the left.

4) Holland 1974

Finishing runners-up in the tournament famed for Johan Cruyff’s immortal turn, the kit is simple yet wonderful.

Note, though, that Cruyff’s shirt only features two stripes rather than the three stripes as worn by his team-mates. Why? Because he was sponsored by Puma and refused to promote their rivals Adidas.

All the best kits have a story behind them.

3) Croatia 1998

We promised more from 1998, and we aren’t done here.

This is glorious from third-placed Croatia, with the flag covering three quarters of a white shirt – and the return of a central badge.

2) West Germany 1990

In all honesty, there are a few German kits which could have made it into the top 10.

The black, red and yellow across a white shirt is striking, but their 1990 strip – which inspired the look for this year’s competition – is absolutely spot on.

1) France 1998

Another World Cup winner, this one also wins the best kit, and deservedly so.

There’s a lot going on, but everything from the red stripe across the front to the red, white and blue Adidas arm stripes make this the real MVP.

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