Ranking the top 20 Premier League goalscorers by their goals per game

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Arsenal striker Thierry Henry celebrates against Southampton in Cardiff, Wales, May 2003.

The Premier League has been graced by some legendary goalscorers over the past three decades – but which of the top 20 marksmen has the best goals per game ratio?

Some of the Premier League’s highest scorers have been blessed by playing in incredibly successful teams, or by their own longevity, while some have delivered in teams more acquainted with the bottom of the division.

So, of the current top 20 all-time scorers in the Premier League, who comes out on top when it comes to the rate at which they found the target? How many have hit one in two or more?

Here, we’ve taken the top 20 in terms of total goals scored and re-ordered them by their scoring rate, from lowest to highest.

20. Steven Gerrard
Games: 504
Goals: 120
Goals per game: 0.24

19. Frank Lampard
Games: 609
Goals: 177
Goals per game: 0.29

18. Jermain Defoe
Games: 496
Goals: 162
Goals per game: 0.33

17. Dwight Yorke
Games: 375
Goals: 123
Goals per game: 0.33

16. Nicolas Anelka
Games: 364
Goals: 125
Goals per game: 0.34

15. Teddy Sheringham
Games: 418
Goals: 146
Goals per game: 0.35

14. Robbie Keane
Games: 349
Goals: 126
Goals per game: 0.36

13. Wayne Rooney
Games: 491
Goals: 208
Goals per game: 0.42

12. Les Ferdinand
Games: 351
Goals: 149
Goals per game: 0.42

11. Robbie Fowler
Games: 379
Goals: 163
Goals per game: 0.43

10. Romelu Lukaku
Games: 269
Goals: 118
Goals per game: 0.44

9. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
Games: 288
Goals: 127
Goals per game: 0.44

8. Andrew Cole
Games: 414
Goals: 187
Goals per game: 0.45
7. Michael Owen
Games: 326
Goals: 150
Goals per game: 0.46

6. Jamie Vardy
Games: 261
Goals: 127
Goals per game: 0.49

5. Robin van Persie
Games: 280
Goals: 144
Goals per game: 0.51

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4. Alan Shearer
Games: 441
Goals: 260
Goals per game: 0.59

3. Harry Kane
Games: 267
Goals: 173
Goals per game: 0.65

2. Sergio Aguero
Games: 275
Goals: 184
Goals per game: 0.67

1. Thierry Henry
Games: 258
Goals: 175
Goals per game: 0.68

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