Reddit user creates amazing resource of historical Premier League data

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A Reddit user has created an amazing resource which shows the Premier League standings from all 25 seasons on one page as well as individual data for every club to have competed in the competition.

As any football stats or history enthusiast will know, it can be immensely time consuming scrolling through pages to view the Premier League tables from previous seasons.

Looking for the records of individual clubs is even more of a laborious process, but Reddit user arowl24 has gone to incredible lengths to save the rest of us the time and effort, creating a spreadsheet with all of the information in one place.

As he explains: ‘One thing that has driven me absolutely crazy since I’ve become a huge fan of the Premier League is that there is nowhere on the Internet with a good, easy to read summary of the table since the inception of the Premier League.

‘Wikipedia has good individual season pages, but they are written differently for each season and each club. And you still have to scroll through a lot of text just to get to the table, and then you have to click another link to see who got promoted from the Championship and scroll through a bunch of text on that page to get to the table. I wanted something a bit easier.

‘I’ve created a spreadsheet that has every Premier League table on one page. This has every season since 1992-1993. I understand top-flight football goes back long before then, but I wanted to focus on English Football since the Premier League began.

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‘On all three main pages, the Table History page, the Table Summary page, and the Current Table page, there are links to every club that has played in the Premier League. There are also links to the two other main pages as well. To use these hyperlinks, just hover over the hyperlink, and a pop-up will appear; click on the link in that pop-up.

‘The Table History page on this spreadsheet has every table, from the 1992-1993 season to the 2016-2017 season. It shows each club’s points, who was relegated, who finished Top 4 and Top 7, and who was promoted from the Championship in that same season.

‘The Table Summary page has a bunch of various data for each club in a table that is able to be filtered and sorted however the user pleases. There are directions on this page as to how you can set up a filter for the table. The idea here was to provide a way to compare clubs and see how they have performed compared to one another in the EPL.

‘I created a table for the current season, which I will update throughout the upcoming season. Right now, it has the Premier League table and the Championship table side by side. I may add League One and League Two if there is interest.

‘Once you’re on the club page, it will show you that club’s history, going back to the 1992-1993 season. Once again, I understand top-flight football goes back much further, but I wanted to focus on this EPL time period.

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‘This club history page will show where they have placed each season, what league they were playing in, promotion/relegation, etc. (Side note: I understand that the Championship/League One/League Two have not been named that way since 1992-1993. I made the decision to show it that way. The continuity it provides makes it worth it.)

‘My goal with this spreadsheet was to have an easy place to go to in order to get clear and simple Premier League tables, stats, history, etc. I wanted to remove a lot of the extra fluff or write-ups you have to scroll through on Wikipedia or other sites. Hope everyone enjoys this.’

You can view the spreadsheet here – and you will not regret it. arowl24, you are a hero. And all this extra time everyone now has means you should probably take one of our football quizzes.