15 glorious times Roy Keane has proven himself the World Cup’s MVP

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ITV pundit Roy Keane scores against Micah Richards in World Cup tournament media Qatar 2022, December 7th

Forget Kylian Mbappe & Lionel Messi, the real star of the 2022 World Cup has been Roy Keane – we cannot get enough of the former Manchester United captain in Qatar.

Keane has bought his unique mix of forthright speaking and no-nonsense attitude to the World Cup, treating ITV viewers on a daily basis with his takes on various issues.

And we cannot get enough of the 51-year-old tackling the various World Cup protests in the exact same way he analyses midfielders not putting in a shift in. Marvellous stuff.

Here’s every reason why Keane has been the MVP of Qatar 2022 so far.


The former Republic of Ireland captain didn’t mince his words when it came to players not taking a booking for wearing the OneLove armbands.

“I think the players could have done it for the first game and taken the punishment, whatever that might be,” Keane said on ITV.

“[Harry] Kane you’re obviously risking getting a yellow card. That would have been a great statement. Do it for the first game, if you get your yellow card what a message that would have been from Kane or [Gareth] Bale.

“Take your medicine and then the next game you move on and you don’t wear it because you don’t want to get suspended.

“I think it was a big mistake. I think both [sets of] players, we’re talking about England Wales here, should have stuck to their guns and done it, whatever pressure from outside and their own associations. Have the belief, if that’s what you believe then go with it.”

“It’s a gesture and it’s a start but I think they can do a lot more. They say they have been silenced. By who? By who?” Keane added when Germany engaged in a protest by covering their mouths in their team photo ahead of their opener against Japan.

“The most important people in football are the supporters and the players. Use your voice! Use your voice! Wear the armband. Leadership is about action, Go and do it.

“It’s a gesture and it’s a start but they can do more.”


A lack of quality is forgivable, but a lack of effort is unforgivable in Keane’s metaverse.

It also afforded him the chance to piss on England’s chips, which is an unmissable opportunity for any proud Irishman.


While some pundits – cough, Gary Neville – have taken a mealy-mouthed, fence-sitting approach to Qatar, Keane tackled the issue with typical single-mindedness.

“The World Cup shouldn’t be here. It shouldn’t be here,” Keane said before Saudi Arabia’s shock win over Argentina.

“The corruption, regarding Fifa, you’ve got a country, the way they treat migrant workers, gay people.

“The bottom line is, we are talking about common decency, how you treat people. Football, the greatest sport in the world, there is so much money involved, there will be corruption but let’s get back to basics, you have to treat people with decency.

“It should start and finish with that.”

Mic drop.

Souness argument

“You’ll learn a lot more if you listen rather than talk all the time.”

That’s the most stupid bravest thing Souness has done since planting that flag during an Istanbul derby.

Ronaldo & Ten Hag

Manchester United acted like a spoilt toddler as the eyes of the footballing world left them for a single second, canceling Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract and announcing the Glazers were looking to sell up during the Mexico-Poland borefest.

The news broke while Keane was sadly off-air, but the United legend didn’t hold back when asked about the developments at Old Trafford.

“The new manager was never going to play him,” Keane said before Germany’s defeat to Japan. “You cannot have Ronaldo as a sub or a fringe player. it’s just not right. it’s sad but these things happen.

‘I don’t think it’s been great management. It’s been a difficult situation but I don’t think the manager comes out of it well. People always praise the manager down stating that he “put a marker down” but part of management is looking after the top players.

‘You have to treat top world-class players differently. This idea that you have to treat everyone the same, you don’t.”

Jamal Musiala

A wronged Keane never forgets – just ask Erling Haaland’s dad – and Jamal Musiala’s decision to choose Germany over England saw Keane accuse the English of hypocrisy.


With Portugal struggling to break down Ghana, Keane two-footed them like he used to do to Patrick Vieira at Highbury.


“We could be here all night making excuses,” Keane said after England’s disappointing goalless draw against the United States.

“If you’re a professional footballer that’s what you have to do, you play in different conditions and different systems. They were playing darts last night before the game.”

Angel Di Maria

After watching Di Maria’s error-strewn performance against Mexico, Keane ripped into him like a recently-released hostage attacking a bucket of KFC chicken.

“He’d break your heart, I am not sure he’s got one,” Keane spluttered.

“We’re getting up going ‘go on and do something’ and he is just guaranteed to give it away. He is going into bodies, he’s not getting his head. You say about his career, my goodness, he’s had some great moves and gone for a lot of money.

“But watching him out there, take him off, guarantee you’ll score in the second half now.”

Tell us how you really feel, Roy…

Phil Neville & Sven

As Joe Cole recalled Sven-Goran Eriksson’s decision to send Phil Neville on instead of himself during England’s defeat to Portugal in 2004, Keane’s pithy one-liner cut right to the heart of the matter.

Taking notes

Ever the professional after Henderson scored the opener against Senegal.


Playing the role of Scrooge to perfection. We’d pay good money to see him in Panto.

Scoring against Micah

We think he might’ve found scoring past Micah more satisfying than any moment in his career as a professional footballer.

This might actually be an own goal, but we’d never be brave enough to take this one to the dubious goals committee.

Lionel Messi

Like millions of others, Keane appreciates greatness when he sees it.

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