Seven Arsenal players Piers Morgan has ripped into – & how they bit back

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Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale

For someone that professes to love Arsenal, Piers Morgan doesn’t half enjoy ripping into their players on Twitter when he gets the chance. 

During Saturday’s 0-0 draw with Burnley, Morgan tweeted “This is dire. #Arsenal” and “Why should I trust the process? #Arteta”, and this is nothing new.

Here are seven times the controversial journo slammed current and ex-Arsenal players – and, if applicable, the times they gave some back.

Aaron Ramsdale 

The young English goalkeeper has become a bit of a fan favourite since arriving at the Emirates.

But, Morgan and Ramsdale have not always seen eye to eye, and have had some frank exchanges on Twitter over the last few years.

One of the best has to be when Ramsdale told Morgan to “fuck off” and called him a “#wanker”

Simply brilliant.

It’s a good job Arsenal don’t base their transfer dealings on who has and hasn’t called him a wanker… if they did, they might struggle to sign anyone at all.

But the feud didn’t stop there.

A year on, Morgan managed to upgrade himself from just a wanker, to an “absolute wanker”. Fair play son, fair play.

They do seem to have made up now though, with the pair posing for a friendly picture after Ramsdale was signed.

Granit Xhaka

The Swiss international has a reputation for being a solid player with a bit of a temper problem, and Morgan has been quite positive about him in the past, asking his followers: “How good is Granit Xhaka?” in 2016.

But, many red cards and even more shocking tackles later… Morgan’s tone has definitely changed.

After a red card against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup semi-final first leg, he tweeted this:

“Unreliable hot-headed dickhead…” calm down Piers, you drew the game 0-0.

This isn’t the first time Morgan has had a go at Xhaka after a clumsy challenge.

Granit picked up a red card in the 5-0 thrashing of Arsenal against Man City in August 2021, this was Piers’ reaction:

Not one for mincing his words, is he?

Xhaka, to his credit, hasn’t given Morgan the time of day, though he has held up his hands and owned up to his mistakes, having posted a whopping 19 Instagram apology posts across his five years at Arsenal.

Mesut Ozil

Ozil was a good player for Arsenal over the years, picking up countless assists and helping them lift three FA Cups. In fact, for a while, the Germany international was absolutely majestic.

And yet, Piers Morgan certainly wasn’t Ozil biggest fan.

“A fucking stuffed lemon” – the man really does have a way with words, you can see how he made his name as a tabloid hack.

A year later, he tweeted: “time to sell Ozil. In fact, tonight would be good.” It took them another two years he did get his wish eventually.

Ozil got his own back when he joined Fenerbache in 2021.

Literal shithousery. Take that, Piers.

Olivier Giroud

Morgan wasn’t a big fan of the French striker. In fact, when Giroud was playing for Arsenal, Morgan slagged him off every time he had a bad game or missed a big chance.

Exhibit A:

Despite this, it’s fair to say Morgan wasn’t particularly pleased when the French striker left Arsenal for Chelsea in 2021.

When he lifted the Europa League with Chelsea in 2019, Giroud said he “wanted to show Arsenal,” noting he was motivated to lift the trophy by the fact Arsenal had let him go in the previous season.

It’s fair to say Piers didn’t take very kindly to this statement, tweeting: “Arsenal’s worst lead striker in the past 35 years, cements his legacy.”

Worst lead striker in 35 years? Steady on, Piers. He scored 105 goals for you… don’t you remember Francis Jeffers?

Giroud is another that has never taken Morgan’s bait, but given the striker’s cool demeanour, you can’t imagine he’s up at night worrying about the 57-year-old’s opinion.

Samir Nasri

It’s fair to say Morgan felt a little betrayed when the French midfielder left the Emirates for the Etihad in 2011.

After Arsenal beat Man City 1-0 in a key game in the title race for City, Morgan took his opportunity to wind up Nasri.

Unlike a lot of his victims, Nasri had enough and actually responded to the bitter journo on the same day.

Well, you can’t really argue with that, not a great move to slag someone off when they’re 10 points ahead of you in the table.

Although, that tweet definitely destroyed any affection Arsenal fans still had for the Frenchman.

The pair eventually settled their dispute by agreeing on a £10,000 bet… with Nasri saying City would win a trophy before Arsenal did.

City went on to win the league that year with that famous goal from Sergio Aguerooooooo.

Oops. Pay up, Piers.

Aaron Ramsey

Ramsey had a pretty good career at Arsenal; scoring 65 goals, getting 65 assists and helping to lift three FA Cups, despite a horror leg break in 2010.

But Piers Morgan was not always the Welshman’s biggest fan.

He tweeted this in 2012…

Ramsey wasn’t happy and refused to shake the journo’s hand when Piers bumped into him in the streets.

Morgan tweeted: “Just bumped into Whatshisname. Offered him the hand of peace…but he declined. Fair enough.

“He said: ‘I don’t think I want to do that'”

I mean, can you really blame him?

Although, Piers changed his tune after the Gunners won the FA Cup in 2014.

Cheers Piers, I’m sure that must have been a weight off his mind.

Robin Van Persie

Last but not least, Van Persie was undoubtedly one of Arsenal’s greatest strikers this century, scoring 132 goals in 278 appearances for the Gunners.

It’s fair to say Morgan was ever so slightly emotionally damaged when he left the Emirates for Old Trafford in 2012, even creating his own hashtag… #VanPurseStrings. Wonder if he’s ever considered a career in comedy?

Bless him.

It didn’t stop there though, tweeting something pretty much every time Van Persie scored for the Red Devils in their 2012-13 title-winning season.

And that was a lot, considering the Dutchman scored 26 goals that season, winning the golden boot.

Van Persie got the last laugh though when he sent Morgan a signed picture after United lifted the Premier League title, 16 points clear of fourth-place Arsenal.

Leaving a message: Robin Van Persie sent a photo to CNN presenter Piers Morgan

The picture reads:  “To #TearsyPiers, Piersy my man, thank you for all your ongoing support and concerns!

“You made this day even more special!

“All the best, Van Purse Strings.”

Don’t think we need to point out who got the last laugh there. Why do bad things keep happening to good people, eh?

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