Sit back & enjoy every Harry Wilson goal from outside the box since 2018-19

Harry Wilson has quickly made a name for himself as one of the best shooters from long range in England football – and the Liverpool loanee is continuing to live up to his reputation at Bournemouth.

No player in England has scored more than the 11 Wilson has bagged from outside the box since the start of 2018-19, which he spent on loan at Derby County.

We’ve rounded them all up, because they’re awfully fun to watch.

Manchester United

After opening his account for Derby three days earlier, Wilson well and truly set tongues wagging with this free-kick at Old Trafford.

West Brom

Derby soon knew they had something special on their hands.

Birmingham City

And Wilson soon became all too aware of his talents.

Stoke City

He makes free-kicks look far too easy.

Swansea City

He makes leathering one in from 30 yards look far too easy.

Swansea City

He doesn’t have to smash every one though.

Sheffield United

You know a free-kick is good when it starts a scrap.


A tip: don’t give away a free-kick anywhere near your box when Wilson is on the pitch.


They all count.

Aston Villa

It only took one game for Bournemouth.

Manchester City

What were we saying about free-kicks?

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