Which team challenging for the top four has the toughest run-in?

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We’ve analysed the fixtures of Tottenham, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United to see which clubs have the toughest run-in in the battle for the top four.

Earlier this month we looked at the amount of points it has previously taken to finish in the top four of the Premier League and calculated that it will take 73 points this season.

Chelsea seem all but certain to qualify for next season’s Champions League, needing only seven points from their remaining 11 games this term, but we’ve looked at the league position for the remaining opponents of the other sides currently in the top six to see who might be left disappointed.

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Remaining fixtures (Current league position): Southampton (10), Burnley (12), Swansea (16), Watford (13), Bournemouth (14), Leicester (15), Arsenal (5), West Ham (11), Manchester United (6), Hull (18), Crystal Palace (17)

Points required: 17 from 11 fixtures

Average league position of remaining opponents: 12.5

Manchester City

Remaining fixtures: Liverpool (4), Arsenal (5), Chelsea (1), Hull (18), Southampton (10), West Brom (8), Middlesbrough (19), Crystal Palace (17), Leicester (15), Watford (13), Manchester United (6)

Points required: 17 from from 11 fixtures

Average league position of remaining opponents: 10.5


Remaining fixtures: Manchester City (3), Everton (7), Bournemouth (14), Stoke (9), West Brom (8), Crystal Palace (17), Watford (13), Southampton (10), West Ham (11), Middlesbrough (19)

Points required: 18 from 10 fixtures

Average league position of remaining opponents: 11.1


Remaining fixtures: West Brom (8), Manchester City (3), West Ham (11), Crystal Palace (17), Middlesbrough (19), Tottenham (2), Manchester United (6), Stoke (9), Everton (7), Sunderland (20), Leicester (15), Southampton (10)

Points required: 23 from 12 fixtures

Average league position of remaining opponents: 10.6

Manchester United

Remaining fixtures: Middlesbrough (19), West Brom (8), Everton (7), Sunderland (20), Chelsea (1), Burnley (12), Swansea (16), Arsenal (5), Tottenham (2), Crystal Palace (17), Manchester City (3), Southampton (10)

Points required: 24 from 12 fixtures

Average league position of remaining opponents: 10

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Judging by these figures, Manchester United have the toughest run-in, while Tottenham have the easiest. Spurs also have the benefit of already having the most points on the board currently, while Arsenal and United are relying on winning their games in hand.

Liverpool will also be confident given they have the second-easiest remaining fixtures, although their struggles this season have tended to come against the weaker teams.

One saving grace for United could be the Europa League, with Jose Mourinho’s men facing FC Rostov on Thursday night in the second leg of their round of 16 tie.