Ten things we loved this weekend: Lukaku, Pep, Sutton, thunderb*stards

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Romelu Lukaku showing his commitment to Manchester United, Pep Guardiola taking Manchester City’s ball boy game to a whole new level, and Douglas Costa making us think about O Fenomeno all feature in the things we loved this weekend.

Romelu Lukaku

For someone who scores so many goals, Romelu Lukaku still attracts a strange amount of criticism, but the striker is proving worth his weight in gold for Manchester United this term.

He has now scored six goals in six Premier League games for the Red Devils, matching the club-record streak Louis Saha enjoyed at the start of his United career.

And judging by Lukaku’s reaction at full-time after scoring the winner in a hard-fought 1-0 victory at Southampton, you certainly can’t question his passion for his new club.

Pep talk

Surely Pep Guardiola, dressed like your Dad has been dragged through Zara, giving a swift tactics talk to ball boy is the most Modern Football thing in history.

Chris Sutton

Chris Sutton may have retired in 2007, but he was back battling with centre-halves once again on Sunday, although he definitely came out second best in this challenge with former Motherwell captain Stephen Craigan.

Roy Hordsmit

Someone has turned the difficulty up on FIFA a bit too high.

Douglas Costa

Elasticos in the Serie A? Anything that makes us think of Ronaldo at Inter is a good thing.

Lithuanian thunderb*stards

We don’t know a great deal about Lithuanian football or FC Stumbras, to be honest. We do know this is an absolute thunderbastard, however.

Daniel Sundgren

We were extremely into this goal from AIK defender Daniel Sundgren. Then we saw his celebration. You can tell he’s not used to scoring goals like this, it’s an absolute stinker.

Given they beat Hacken 6-1, we don’t think it’s too harsh to suggest this should now get chalked off.

Mick McCarthy

Big Mick, God love him, was at it again after his Ipswich side were narrowly beaten at Leeds on Saturday.

Josh Parkin

If you’re not familiar with Josh Parkin’s work, well it’s about time you get to know your new favourite illustrator.

Just check out the Thistle Hotels Leeds shirt on this, an absolute beauty.

Pavel Nedved

He’s back! Eight years after playing his final game for Juventus and 14 years after winning the Ballon d’Or, Pavel Nedved has decided to come out of retirement at the age of 45.

Nedved will play his son at Czech amateur club FK Skalna, where he started his youth career, and we can’t wait to see those blonde locks flowing once again.

Suppose you should probably read this now…

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