The 20 clubs in Europe’s top 5 leagues to earn most from 18-19 TV revenue

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Only two teams from outside of the Premier League feature in the 20 clubs from Europe’s top five leagues to make the most money from TV revenue in 2018-19.

Research from the always excellent Swiss Ramble has highlighted the might of the Premier League’s TV deal, with Barcelona and Real Madrid the only clubs from outside England’s top flight to break into the top 20.

The headline news comes from the fact Wolves, in their first season back in the Premier League, earned more from TV revenue than Real Madrid, while Everton made just £1million less than Barcelona.

1. Liverpool – £152million

2. Manchester City – £151million

3. Chelsea – £146million

4. Tottenham – £145million

5. Manchester United – £143million

6. Arsenal – £142million

7. Barcelona – £130million

8. Everton – £129million

9. Wolves – £127million

10. Real Madrid – £125million

11. Leicester City – £123million

12. West Ham – £123million

13. Newcastle United – £120million

14. Crystal Palace – £114million

15. Watford – £114million

16. Bournemouth – £108million

17. Burnley – £107million

18. Brighton – £106million

19. Southampton – £104million

20. Cardiff City – £103million

For more information on the breakdown, read Swiss Ramble’s excellent Twitter thread here.

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