The 20 Premier League clubs ranked by net spend over last five years

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Liverpool and Tottenham’s overachievement in recent years is highlighted by a quick glance at Premier League clubs’ net spend over the past five years, although the same cannot be said about Manchester United.

We recently looked at how each Premier League’s club’s wage bill correlates to their 2018-19 league position, and now we’re taking a look at net spend.

Courtesy of Transfermarkt, we’ve ranked the 20 current Premier League clubs by their net spend over the past five years.

1. Man City – £601.98m
2. Man Utd – £484.88m
3. Arsenal – £267.88m
4. Everton – £225.42m
5. Brighton – £214.86m
6. Wolves – £205.22m
7. West Ham – £187.49m
8. Bournemouth – £176.95m
9. Aston Villa – £166.65m
10. Watford – £125.69m
11. Leicester City – £124.83m
12. Newcastle – £122.91m
13. Chelsea – £115.57m
14. Liverpool – £107.58m
15. Tottenham – £106.62m
16. Crystal Palace – £75.69m
17. Burnley – £59.4m
18. Sheffield United – £56.71m
19. Southampton – £22.32m
20. Norwich City – £25.42m profit

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