The best (and worst) of Ask Arshavin: Bears, Albert Einstein & ice cream

We’re not quite sure why Andrey Arshavin set up a personal website to answer questions from fans while at Arsenal – but we’re so glad he did.

You may remember Ask Arshavin, in which the former Russia international invited supporters to ask him questions, however bizarre or downright weird, and he would answer with an adorable sincerity.

We’ve looked back at some of his best responses, from his favourite animals to his thoughts on the Russian Revolution.

Animal farm

andyBafc: Andrey, are you frightened of bears?

Andrey Arshavin: On the contrary, I like bears.

lambada: Hi, Andrey, in what order would you place the following animals: a tiger, a cow, a pig, a horse, a sheep?

AA: A pig – it will always get the last place! A tiger, a cow, a horse, a sheep. And I’ll repeat that a pig is always the last one, because it is a pig.

kostea: Have you ever been stung by the bees in the forehead or near the eye?

AA: No, but I’ve been stung once in my behind by a bee.


Katuxa: Hello Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe – Albert Einstein. Do you agree?

AA: As for the infinity of the universe, two satellites (Russian and American) have recently collided in space. It seemed almost impossible in the infinite universe, but still it happened. Human stupidity – it really exists. Besides, Einstein believed in it and one should listen to the opinion of wise people.

Queen: What do you think about astrology?

AA: I consider it a science.

julii: Hello Andrey! You’re a wonderful player (((and I think a good person as well))) Question: What do you think about the profession of a psychologist?? I hope for a genuine response.

AA: A healer for the souls. I think it is a God-given talent rather than simply an education of a psychologist.

SMR453: Andrey, was Windows 7 your idea?

AA: Unfortunately, no.


exd605: What was it like living in the USSR, and would it make modern Britain a better place? If you plan to lead a communist uprising in the UK, I would gladly help you storm Buckingham Palace.

AA: Here in England I often catch myself thinking that everything here will be just the same in a hundred years’ time and even after that, everything will be just the way it is now. Don’t change anything, you don’t need any revolutions.


Q: How many goals will Andrey Arshavin score at Arsenal, if he is given 150 assists? I’ll answer myself: 3 times more!

AA: The concept of an assist implies that one scores after this pass. Therefore, I’ll answer 150, although, well, I’ll be more modest – 148, once or twice I’ll hit the bar.

The weird & wonderful

Polina95: Andrey, I have your name carved on my arm with a knife! Did I do it for nothing or not? What do you think? And this is not a joke; I spent the whole day carving it!

AA: I do not understand it. Actually, I do not even like when people make tattoos. If it is not a joke, it’s sad. There are many other ways to express your sympathy to me.

egor5: Andrey, how does it feel to score a goal?

AA: Well, let’s say, it’s like having an ice-cream.

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veizel: Hi! I’m overweight. What shall I do?
AA: Lose weight : )

sashax7xl: Hello Andrey, I’ve been playing football half a year now. All this time I played the field and now I begin to wonder maybe I should become a goalie. What would you recommend?

AA: To think about it.

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