Pep Guardiola of Manchester City during the UEFA Champions League Final match between Manchester City FC and FC Internazionale Milano at Ataturk Olympic Stadium on June 10, 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey

9 of the most stylish and fashionable managers in 2023: Guardiola, Nagelsmann…

Comfort on the touchline is a vastly underrated part of football management. Blending comfort with style on the touchline is a skill in itself.

Simply put, some managers can, some can’t, and others can’t be bothered. Football has moved on from the tracksuit managers vs suit and tie managers stereotype of yesteryear, with the top coaches today applying another level of creativity and critical thinking to their touchline garms.

And we absolutely love it. Some will moan that what happens on the pitch is the most important thing. Points on the board, trophies and all that rubbish. Nah.

What’s the point in winning games if your gaffer isn’t going to look good while you do? And besides, the age-old rule applies – look good, feel good.

So, with the season currently out and managers in a position to touch up their wardrobe ahead of the new campaign, we’ve decided to give nine of the best-dressed head coaches in the game their flowers.

Disclaimer – there’s no Sean Dyche in this one. We’re not saying John McGinn was right to call out his fashion choices in 2021, but he does have a point. Invest in a new coat, Dychey.

Pep Guardiola

We very nearly chalked Pep off the list here, because of some serious crimes he committed towards the back end of the 2022-23 season.

Jeans and a jumper at the FA Cup final? Come on, mate. Blasphemy. You know better than that.

He does pull together a good fit when he can be bothered, though, does Pep. Be it a formal one or a dressed-down one, he’s one of the best when he’s on it.

Scott Parker

He’s out of a job currently and his style isn’t to everyone’s taste, but you can’t deny that Parker steals the show on the touchline when he’s there.

Be it a slick, formal outfit or something more subdued, he often spices it up with rather eye-catching jackets over the top. Some look smart, others look a bit ridiculous.

He pulls it off, though. James Bond vibes. Get back in the dance, Scotty P. We’re missing the debate around your jacket and cardigan choices.

Scott Parker in charge at Bournemouth

Simone Inzaghi

Inzaghi keeps things simple. Perhaps too simple, at times, which stops him from reaching the elite level of touchline garms status.

But going over the top isn’t for everyone. Knowing what works is a superpower in itself, and the Italian is very much aware of how good he looks in a black suit and tie combo. Absolutely crushes it, every time. Treats every game like it’s a final. Pep could learn a thing or two.

Stefano Pioli

Crossing over to the red side of Milan, Pioli flies under the radar. But he’s got it. Locked down.

His approach is subtly explorative. The Rossoneri manager often parades the touchline in long-sleeve polos or very sleek designer t-shirts including Off-White.

And when he needs to, he turns up the style. Expect a suit and tie, or a blazer and a roll-neck on those important nights, or when the Champions League rolls around. Classy.

Stefano Pioli on the touchline for Milan

Emma Hayes

The Chelsea Women’s manager is a legend of the game for many reasons, including her touchline style.

Hayes respects the competition, which is why she gets included. Cup final? She brings out the classy numbers. WSL away stint Smart tracksuit will do.

One constant, though, is her shoe game. Hayes loves a Nike Dunk and dials up any decent outfit with a slick pair of trainers. Versatile.

Julian Nagelsmann

Your dad hates him. Everything about him.

All those fancy tactics and training methods, made worse by the fact that he’s about 12, smarter than us all and brings his ridiculous fashion to the game. Nagelsmann is a true touchline trailblazer.

Dressing up or down, he’s got it all. Trainers, jeans, suits, blazers, coats, tracksuits – even accessories such as scarves when needed. Expected nothing less from a man that drives himself to training on a scooter.

Julian Nagelsmann gives instructions to Kingsley Coman.

Luis Enrique

Get. The. Badge. In.

Jokes aside, he’s just a really cool bastard, isn’t he? Nothing too crazy. Loves a Stone Island, bit of a statement piece, but then always styles it well. Keeps himself up to date with trends.

Styling it up on the touchline in Paris might be the final piece of the puzzle for PSG. Champions League winners need aura – and he provides it.

Marc Skinner

It’s not at all often that you see the Manchester United Women manager opt for the tracksuit – Skinner loves to dress and impress.

His choice of a bright red jumper under the blazer for the FA Cup final was certainly risky, and we’re still not quite sure if it paid off, but we respect the risk.

When it’s not that, though, it’s slick coats and jackets, quarter-zip jumpers and even gloves in the winter. Doesn’t mess about. Climbing the ladder on all fronts.

Marc Skinner provides instructions to Ona Batlle

Matthias Jaissle

Jaissle is on the Nagelsmann arc in every way imaginable; a nauseatingly young manager in the Red Bull system, with an absurd knowledge of the game, destined for a shot at the top.

Crucially, he takes touchline garms seriously, too. Loves a big coat, loves a scarf, loves a posh suit. From that alone, he looks like primed and ready for the elite level. Even if he doesn’t turn out to be.

Unfortunately, he’s accepted the Saudi paycheque so we don’t see him all too often anymore in Europe. He’ll be back, though – and hopefully spending all that money on some serious garms when he returns.

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