The 10 Liverpool players to score 50 PL goals – & how many matches it took

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Ten players have scored 50 goals in the Premier League for Liverpool – but who has done so in the fewest amount of games?

Liverpool have been blessed with some brilliant goalscorers during the Premier League era – not least their current front three of Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane.

We’ve ranked every player to hit a half century for the Reds in the Premier League by how many matches it took them to reach the 50 mark.

10. Steven Gerrard – 281 games

The only midfielder on this list, as such Gerrard is the only player to take more than 200 games to bring up his half century in the Premier League for Liverpool.

We’ll probably cut him some slack on that one.

9. Dirk Kuyt – 194 games

Given he evolved into a workhorse right winger, it’s easy to forget Kuyt was signed by Liverpool as a centre-forward.

The Dutchman may not have been the most prolific, but he came up with some valuable goals – and you could hardly fault his efficiency in scoring that three-yard hat-trick against Manchester United.

8. Roberto Firmino – 141 games

One of two players to reach the 50 mark in 2019-20, Firmino is the least prolific of Liverpool’s current front three, but he’s still really, really f*cking good.

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7. Daniel Sturridge – 103 games

Sturridge left Liverpool this summer with a record of exactly 50 Premier League goals in 116 appearances.

His final goal for the Reds, a late thunderb*stard to rescue a point at Stamford Bridge, may have been the best of the lot.

6. Sadio Mane – 100 games

The most recent player to reach the landmark, Mane has done so in an incredibly pleasing one-in-two rate. He’s an incredibly pleasing footballer, to be fair.

5. Michael Owen – 98 games

Recency bias, some questionable transfers and some even more questionable adverts may have altered the perception of Owen, but he was a bona fide superstar in those years at Liverpool.

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4. Robbie Fowler – 88 games

In Fowler’s first four seasons at Liverpool, he scored 18, 31, 36 and 31 goals in all competitions.

If ever you’re feeling hungover or ill, we recommend watching his YouTube goal compilations. Thank us later.

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3. Luis Suarez – 86 games

Of Suarez’s first 50 Premier League goals for Liverpool, approximately 37 were scored against Norwich City.

2. Fernando Torres – 72 games

There are a few players on this list that started life at Anfield in incredible form only or their careers to peter out, and Torres is sadly one of those.

But f*cking hell he was good. Despite bringing up 50 goals in just 72 games, none of those were as good as the goal he didn’t score against Real Madrid.


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1. Mo Salah – 69 games

Frighteningly good. There’s not much else to say.

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