The PL table if scores were done on aggregate: Man Utd 4th, Chelsea 14th…

The 2022-23 Premier League season has drawn to a close, but what would the table have looked like if results were calculated based on the aggregate score between teams after their two matches?

By this, we mean the two matches each team plays against each other would be added up, with the winner awarded three points and each team awarded one if there is a draw after two games, with away goals not counting. This means there are 19 total results, with a maximum points tally of 57.

For example, Manchester City lost to Brentford home and away this season first 2-1 and then 1-0, meaning the aggregate score was 3-1 to Brentford. In our table, this sees Brentford awarded just three points instead of six for the two wins as they received in real life.

It will probably come as no shock that City do indeed win the Premier League in this version of the table. Brentford were actually the only side to beat Pep Guardiola’s side on aggregate this year, meaning they pick up 54 points from the 57 available.

Arsenal do give them a decent run of their money and finish second in the aggregate table. Finishing with 46 points, they are eight shy of City’s tally.

Newcastle leapfrog Manchester United into third place on the table, collecting 42 points from the 57 available. United themselves just about hang on for a spot in the top four.

One of the biggest risers from the actual league table is Brentford. In reality, they finished the season in ninth, but in the aggregate table they rise all the way to fifth with 36 points.

Chelsea somehow manage to sink even lower than they did in real life. Based on their aggregate results, they would have only picked up 21 points, which places them in 14th on this table.

Aston Villa fall victim to some of their poor results in the first half of the season and fall to 10th place. Thankfully for Villa fans, this isn’t how it’s worked out in real life.

The relegation zone also shapes up slightly differently. While Southampton and Leeds are still relegated, Nottingham Forest take up the final spot in 18th. Leicester even mange to leapfrog Everton in this version of events and finish in 16th place.

With the season now over, here’s the table in full if the results were calculated on aggregate.

Note: Where points are tied, goal difference is used to organise the teams.

1. Manchester City – 54 points
2. Arsenal – 46 points
3. Newcastle – 42 points
4. Manchester United – 37 points
5. Brentford – 36 points
6. Liverpool – 33 points
7. Brighton – 33 points
8. Tottenham – 32 points
9. Fulham – 29 points
10. Aston Villa – 28 points
11. West Ham – 25 points
12. Wolves – 23 points
13. Crystal Palace – 21 points
14. Chelsea – 21 points
15. Bournemouth – 21 points
16. Leicester – 19 points
17. Everton – 14 points
18. Nottingham Forest – 13 points
19. Leeds – 11 points
20. Southampton – 9 points

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