The Premier League big six’s net spend per trophy over the last 10 years

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Chelsea and Liverpool‘s recent success is highlighted by a quick glance at their net spend per trophy over the past 10 years. 

Bankrolled by billionaire owners, Premier League clubs have been throwing money at new players in the hope it translates to results on the pitch.

Using data from Transfermarkt, we’ve looked at the net spend per trophy won for the ‘big six’ Premier League clubs since the summer of 2011.

Note: we’ve not included the Community Shield as a major trophy. Sorry, Jose.

The figures show that Chelsea and Liverpool are getting a good return on their investments but Manchester United have wasted a lot of money.

While Manchester City have the biggest net spend of any Premier League side over the last decade, they do have at least have 10 major trophies to show for it.

1. Chelsea

Transfer expenditure: €1,465million
Transfer income: €966.56million
Net spend: €498.44million

Trophies won: 8
Net spend per trophy: €62.3million

2. Liverpool

Transfer expenditure: €999.71million
Transfer income: €661.67million
Net spend: €338.04million

Trophies won: 5
Net spend per trophy: €67.6million

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3. Manchester City

Transfer expenditure: €1,521.91million
Transfer income: €499.72million
Net spend: €1022.19million

Trophies won: 10
Net spend per trophy: €102.21million

4. Arsenal

Transfer expenditure: €906.65million
Transfer income: €435.14million
Net spend: €471.51million

Trophies won: 4
Net spend per trophy: €117.87million

5. Manchester United

Transfer expenditure: €1,343.61million
Transfer income: €399.46million
Net spend: €944.15milion

Trophies won: 4
Net spend per trophy: €236million

6. Tottenham 

Transfer expenditure: €790.26million
Transfer income: €622.24million
Net spend: €168.02million

Trophies won: 0
Net spend per trophy: N/A

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