The all-time PL shi*thouse table: Which clubs have the most reds & yellows?

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We’re not ashamed to say we love a bit of needle in football, but some clubs like it a lot more than others.

Manchester United and Arsenal were always willing to play nasty in order to win things under Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, with the likes of Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira no stranger to a red card. 

Paddy Power have ranked the 49 teams to play in the Premier League by their average red and yellow cards per game in the top flight and here’s the top 10. Note: This data is correct as of December 9 2020.

Position – Club – Red cards per game (Total)

1. Barnsley: 0.1316 (5)
2. Hull City: 0.1263 (24)
3. Blackburn: 0.1078 (75)
4. Sunderland: 0.1020 (62)
5. Birmingham City: 0.0977 (26)
6. Watford: 0.0940 (25)
7. QPR: 0.0935 (26)
8. Huddersfield: 0.0921 (7)
9. Wigan: 0.0921 (28)
10. Newcastle: 0.0899 (87)

Despite only playing 38 games in England’s top-flight, Barnsley picked up five red cards, making them the dirtiest team in the history of the Premier League.

Newcastle famously had two players sent off for fighting each other in 2005 and they average more red cards per game than any other current Premier League team.

With just 0.026 red cards per game, Cardiff City were the beacon of good behaviour and can claim the title of the most disciplined Premier League side of all time.

Position – Club – Yellow cards per game (Total)

1. Derby: 1.9624 (522)
2. Watford: 1.8383 (489)
3. Sunderland: 1.8257 (1110)
4. Stoke City: 1.8000 (684)
5. Hull City: 1.7316 (329)
6. Barnsley: 1.7105 (65)
7. Burnley: 1.7059 (406)
8. Wigan: 1.6941 (515)
9. Wolves: 1.6862 (403)
10. West Ham: 1.6670 (1552)

As well as holding the record for the lowest points tally, Derby also picked up more yellow cards per game than any other Premier League team.

While Burnley only average 0.230 red cards per game, they do still pick up plenty of cautions and only six sides average more yellow cards per game.

Oldham Athletic’s 69 yellows in 84 games is the best record in history, while no current Premier League side has picked up fewer yellow cards per game than Liverpool (1.2337).

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