The staggering PL table since Jurgen Klopp first moved TAA into midfield

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Trent Alexander-Arnold during the Premier League match between Liverpool and Fulham at Anfield, Liverpool, May 2023.

Liverpool have picked up more points than any Premier League side since Jurgen Klopp moved Trent Alexander-Arnold into midfield. 

Alexander-Arnold has established a reputation as one of the most creative full-backs in the history of the competition, but his defensive lapses were becoming harder to ignore as Liverpool toiled in mid-table.

But Klopp has seen an instant improvement in results since he moved the England international into central midfield during the 2-2 draw against Arsenal on April 9.

“If Trent plays midfield, he probably saves Liverpool £100m,” Jamie Carragher told Sky Sports viewers during the victory over Brentford that moved Liverpool to within touching distance of Champions League challengers Manchester United and Newcastle.

And Carragher touched upon the impact of Alexander-Arnold’s positional shift a few weeks previously on the same channel.

“His role from midfield in the second half against Arsenal was almost like a Steven Gerrard performance, where he was a bit everywhere and there was a lot of running involved,” the former Reds defender said.

“Trent has provided quality from an unconventional full-back position – he plays the role differently. But, for me, watching him in midfield, getting more involved, running the game, I think this is almost perfect for him.

“I don’t really care where Trent is on a team sheet. I want to see him on the ball [in the region highlighted below] because, if he’s on the ball in those areas, whether he’s playing midfield, full-back, wing-back, or on the right of a midfield three, there are very few players in world of football who could match him.

“Klopp and Liverpool have to find a way [to utilise his strengths], as they have done for the last four or five years as a full-back. If that position isn’t working this season, then as a midfield player. Your job as coaching staff is to make sure you get that man on the ball.”

And Klopp has certainly done that – with excellent results. Here’s how the Premier League table stacks up since the Liverpool manager made his game-changing tactical tweak.

1. Liverpool – 7 games played, 19 points, +10 GD
2. Manchester City – 5 games played, 15 points, +10 GD
3. Crystal Palace – 6 games played, 10 points, +4 GD
4. Brighton – 4 games played, 9 points, +6 GD
5. Newcastle United, 5 games played, 9 points, +5 GD
6. Arsenal – 6 games played, 9 points, +1 GD
7. Bournemouth – 5 games played, 9 points, -1 GD
8. Wolves, 5 games played, 9 points, -2 GD
9. Aston Villa – 5 games played, 7 points, +2 GD
10. Manchester United – 5 games played, 7 points, +1 GD
11. West Ham United – 6 games played, 7 points, 0 GD
12. Brentford – 5 games played, 7 points, 0 GD
13. Fulham – 5 games played, 6 points, 0 GD
14. Leicester City – 4 games played, 5 points, -1 GD
15. Tottenham – 5 games played, 4 points, -6 GD
16. Nottingham Forest – 4 games played, 3 points, -2 GD
17. Chelsea – 4 games played, 3 points, -5 GD
18. Everton – 4 games played, 2 points, -5 GD
19. Southampton – 4 games played, 1 point, -5 GD
20. Leeds United – 6 games played, 1 point, -14 GD

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