Samuel Etoo at Goodison Park

Eto’o, Rice, Van Dijk… The Twitter account dedicated to random encounters with PL players is gold

The buzz of bumping into a celebrity is the stuff of dreams for us ordinary folk, particularly when it’s someone we perceive to be a hero such as our favourite footballer.

Despite them continually giving us reason after reason to think the exact opposite of that, footballers will always be portrayed as real-life superheroes. It’s incredibly funny, then, when we bump into these seemingly extraordinary people doing incredibly ordinary things.

Seriously, they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Especially when they’re driving through your McDonald’s drive-thru on a Saturday night and very annoyingly paying for a large Coke with a £50 note. Yes, that really happened. Thanks, Marcus Rashford.

A Twitter account has surfaced that collates all sorts of encounters like your humble Planet Football writer’s very own, but all under one roof. We’ve pulled out the very best examples and listed them below.

Boubacar Kamara discovers McFlurrys

Perhaps footballers just don’t know how to operate a McDonald’s. A good thing, really.

Balotelli wants a chance

He probably would’ve buried Romelu Lukaku’s chances once upon a time.

Or missed them and reacted accordingly by setting off a firework in the dressing room.

Declan Rice trains with Portugal boys

Still not at all sure how Rice worked his way into a training camp with Bruno Fernandes and Rafael Leao.

The chap who met him should’ve asked, really. Strangest trio ever.

Pablo Fornals on a bender – sort of

Brilliant banter from the West Ham man. Hats off.

Allan Saint-Maximin loves Lays

Not gonna fit much in that bag, Allan. Ask for one at the till – especially with those crisp packet sizes abroad.

Fever dream stuff, this one.

Keylor Navasainsburys

Terrible pun, that. Sorry.

Hopefully the bedding Keylor picked out was better.

Virgil van Dijk gaffe

Brilliant from this young chap, without realising.

A shame Van Dijk is such an unbothered king.

Manchester United’s number one

Not in that way.

Everything about this is hilarious, from the pre to early-smartphone era photo quality, to the idea of doing the business alongside a footballer – awkward in itself – and then hanging around outside the bogs for him. I’m not a weirdo mate, honestly.

Bernardo Silva – quizmaster

Wonder if he took part, or was just there to see if any questions had him as the answer.

Either way, Bernardo, there’s a few shots and some watermelon VKs with your name on waiting at the bar, in true student fashion.

Aaron Lennon in Vegas

Perhaps the most professional footballer in Vegas interaction one could ever have.

Weekend work with Eto’o

Aye, graft isn’t it Samuel pal. Fancy swapping shifts?

Di Maria loves waterparks

Wonder if he had to stand around in the queue for the massive one that everybody goes to Siam Park for.

Tanguy ‘dodgy mate’ Ndombele

Incredible that you can spot a footballer from a mile off by the awful clobber they’re often wearing, even if you’ve no idea who they are.

At least you tried Aly

Serious beer fear the morning after that one. Football heritage.

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