We bought £50 of shares on Football Index & this is how we fared in our first month

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In November, we bought £50 worth of shares on Football Index. Just over a month later, it’s time to find out how our portfolio is looking now.

It’s still early days, of course, but the ups – and downs – we’ve experienced so far have provided us with a neat microcosm of the football season.

Injuries, transfer speculation and managerial comings-and-goings have all contributed to what our players have reaped for us.

And we’ll dissect it all for you.

But first, here’s a reminder of the four ways you can make money on Football Index.

Capital appreciation

This means: The shares you own in a player rise in price as other people buy shares in the same player.

Media Dividends

This means: If a player ends the day as the most mentioned in the media, and you own shares in him, then you will receive a ‘dividend’ of up to 5p per share. As an example, if you own 100 shares in Paul Pogba, then you could make up to £5.

Matchday dividends

This means: Similar to the media dividend, if a player performs the best on a matchday, and you own shares in him, then you will receive a ‘dividend’ of up to 8p per share. The Pogba example would apply here too, but this time you could make £8 from 100 shares.

In-play dividends

This means: A concept which gives you the chance to win matchday dividends in the first 30 days of owning a player. Typically the previous three methods will drive most of your trading, but if you think, for example, a striker will face a number of leaky defences in the next month, then you could pick up some nice bonus winnings through this.

Without further ado, here’s how our Football Index portfolio looks so far:

Results have been…mixed. In the words of Gennaro Gattuso, “sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit”.

In all seriousness, the overall picture is healthy and we’re pretty pleased with how things are going so far, but it hasn’t been all plain sailing.

Firstly, Kevin De Bruyne. We just love the guy so it’s hard to ever countenance not having him as part of our portfolio. But even his individual quality doesn’t insulate him from a collective loss of form.

That’s what’s happened in the last month with Manchester City, but if the Belgian can continue to fire his men up the table with performances like at Arsenal last weekend – a display that saw his value increase by over 20p – we’re confident he’ll do the business for us.

We are also pleased to maintain the services of Leo Messi. Forget the decrease in value – we bought the little Argentine at the top of a short-term peak – and look instead at the stonking dividend returns that his Ballon d’Or win and continuingly ridiculous on-pitch deeds have brought.

If his share price can tick back up again, we’ll be in the pink (or green…or black. Lots of colours mean up, don’t they? Blown our mind a bit, that).

• • • •

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• • • •

From holds to (possible) sells…and in Stefano Sensi we have a punt that hasn’t quite paid off…at least yet.

Our intentions were good – he started the season like a rocket in terms of goal involvements for Inter and was being linked with a big-money move to Barcelona.

But a thigh injury has kept him out of action for longer than expected, and he is not expected to return for Antonio Conte’s side until 2020.

It’s a quandary what to do with him, as he is experiencing – in all probability – a short-term dip caused by his injury, and his underlying quality is still there. But even when he does come back, it might take him some time to rediscover his best, matchday dividend-winning form.

He also won’t be playing in the Champions League, so his exposure is reduced.

Selling him will lose me money as 1) Football Index takes a commission from sales and 2) he is currently worth less than when we bought him, but if we twist with someone else who ultimately soars, we could make back our money quicker than if we’d stuck.

Now to the players whose values have gone up, and we’ve got Daniel Levy to thank for our healthy return on Harry Kane. The former’s appointment of Jose Mourinho didn’t just give Spurs a collective bounce but their players too.

It seemed obvious Mourinho would relish managing Kane – a ‘traditional’ No.9 – and so it has proved, with the 26-year-old scoring five goals in the seven league and cup games the Portuguese has overseen.

With a home Euros (sort of) to come in the summer, we’re not expecting to re-evaluate Kane’s position in our portfolio until after then – injury permitting, of course.

• • • •

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• • • •

Sticking with England players, it’s been an up-and-down season for Jadon Sancho.

He was subbed off after 36 minutes in the recent ‘Klassiker’ against Bayern and was dropped from the team that played at Barcelona in the Champions League last month.

But his extraordinary trajectory continues all the same, with 11 goals and 12 assists this season in just 22 appearances. He’s the first player in Europe’s major five leagues to have reached double figures for both goals and assists already.

And given how much he can still improve, the unrelenting speculation of a big-money move and a likely starting spot for the national team alongside Kane in the summer, he’s a no-brainer to keep hold of.

Finally, our biggest success of all. Erling Haaland has already risen a quite remarkable 29% in the short time we’ve held him, and with Manchester United among the clubs that continue to be linked with the striker, his value looks set to grow even further as we approach the January transfer window.

A definite hold.

January picks

If we decide to do some of our own January transfer window trading, here’s a couple of players who could break into our roster:

Wilf Zaha – £2.57

It’s been a long and complex ‘will he, won’t he’ saga for the Crystal Palace winger.

But with the Eagles seemingly accepting he will leave South London at some point, his big-money transfer can’t be far away.

All of which will mean media dividends off the back of the speculation, and then – if he does move – better matchday dividend returns given he should be playing around higher quality players.

Son Heung-min – £2.38

The South Korean just seems a steal to us at his current price.

This is a guy who already has 10 goals and nine assists in just 22 total appearances this season.

And playing under Mourinho could take him to the elite level…

All of which puts him firmly on our radar.

Lots to ponder then as we head into the festive season. We’ll see if Father Christmas was kind to us when we share our next update in January…

*For more information on the dividend structure, see here.

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By Rob Hemingway

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