Can you name every Arsenal manager of the post-war era?

Arsenal have had 13 different permanent managers in the post-war era. How many can you name?

We have no doubt you’ll be able to name the current Gunners boss, as well as the era-defining Frenchman that spend over two decades at the helm. But how’s your historical Arsenal knowledge?

Don’t worry – we’re not expecting you to name any of the managers, such as the famously influential Herbert Chapman, that took charge of the club in the pre-war era. So strong scores are achievable here if you know your Gunners history.

You’ve got 15 minutes to name each and every one of them, but the only clue you’re getting is the years that they served in the post. We’ve not included caretaker managers like Freddie Ljungberg, although a number of these permanent appointments in the pre Premier League started out in caretaker roles originally.

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