Can you name every club that’s won the Bundesliga title?

Thirteen different clubs have won the Bundesliga since it was founded in 1962. Can you name them all?

One club has dominated the German top flight over the years, winning every league title between 2013 and 2023. They’ve topped the Bundesliga table more times than every other club combined.

We sure you’ll name them, and some of the other giants of German football, but this quiz will test your historical knowledge. We’ve given you 15 minutes to get them all, and your clues are the number of Bundesliga titles each club as won – as well as the season of their last title.

Note that we’re only including the champions of the Bundesliga, going back to when the competition was restructured in 1962. So that means that the likes of Schalke, who won seven German championships prior to the advent of the Bundesliga, aren’t included.

If you fancy another test after this, why not try and name the Bundesliga’s top scorer for every season since 2005-06?

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