The highest currently active player on this list.

Can you name the 30 players with the most assists in Premier League history?

While the Premier League’s top goalscorers will immediately spring to mind, can you name the 30 players with the most assists in the competition’s history?

The Premier League has been blessed with some outstanding creators since the re-brand of the English top flight thirty-two years ago, from the classic, chalk-on-yer-boots wingers of the early days to the between-the-lines, European-style creators we see in the division’s current glitz era.

And when you get down to the quiz below, you’ll find a few of the names are the obvious playmakers who have crafted a fine art out of defence-splitting passes.

We’re sure it’ll be incredibly easy to guess some of these – including the bloke pictured above – but there are plenty of names in the top 20 that aren’t so immediately obvious.

A few of them have racked up the assists over hundreds of Premier League appearances at a slower rate. (Speaking of which, why not have a go at naming the 50 players with most Premier League appearances since 1992?). Others are just a bit lower-key.

All in all, then, this quiz is quite the challenge – especially when the only clue on offer for you is their total number of assists in England’s top flight since 1992.

You’ve got 15 minutes to name them all. Players who are still active in the league are denoted with an asterisk and the score to beat from the Planet Football office is 27/30.

Once you’ve completed this quiz, have a go at naming the 25 oldest Premier League goalscorers in history. 

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