Can you name the 20 quickest players to score 50 Premier League goals?


Diego Costa became the latest player to reach 50 Premier League goals with a brace in Chelsea’s 4-2 victory over Southampton on Tuesday night.

Costa’s second-half header ended the Spain striker’s recent goal drought and brought up a half century of goals since he moved to the Premier League in 2014.

To make Costa’s achievement more impressive, he is among the quickest players to reach the landmark, ranking in the top 10.

But how well do you know the 20 quickest players to score their first 50 goals in the Premier League?

There are some big names in there, but without any clues regarding what team they were playing for, only the number of games it took them, it might be harder than you thought.

We’ve given you five minutes to make this the most productive thing you’ve done all day.

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