Arsenal and Chelsea fans will remember this guy.

Can you name the 30 Spanish players with the most Premier League appearances?

Some of the Premier League’s best players have hailed from Spain – but can you name the 30 Spaniards who have made the most appearances in the competition?

Former Tottenham midfielder Nayim was the only Spanish player to feature in the inaugural Premier League season, but he left for Real Zaragoza in the summer of 1993.

The Premier League has changed a lot over the last 30-odd years and almost every squad has a Spaniard in their ranks.

And, considering the success of the Spanish national team between 2008 and 2012, England’s top clubs were packed full of Iberian talent and merged Iberian ideas with English money to great success.

Spain continues to provide many of the Premier League’s greatest talents but we want to test your memory and see if you can name the 30 Spanish players with the most appearances in the Premier League.

Three of the players on this list are still contracted to Premier League clubs at the time of writing and there is an asterisk next to all of them. We’ve also listed the number of appearances they have made in the top flight to help you out.

You have 15 minutes to complete the task and the score to beat from the Planet Football office is 23/30. If this challenge puts you in the mood for another Premier League quiz, then have a go at naming every club to ever appear in the Premier League.

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