Can you name every British and Irish player to appear in Serie A since 1990?


Considering not many British and Irish players move abroad to play football Serie A has a rich history of signing players from these shores.

The wealth of the Premier League has made staying in England more appealing than ever, but Italy’s top flight used to be the place to be, especially in the 90s.

Serie A was considered the home to the best players in the world, and it goes without saying that they’ve always had the best kits.

The likes of John Charles and Jimmy Greaves blazed the trail by moving to Italy in the 60s, and since 1990 a total of 14 British and Irish players have followed in their footsteps.

We’re giving you seven minutes to see if you can name every one. To help, we’ve given you the clue of the clubs they represented and also the years they played in Serie A – it’s also worth noting they’ve been ordered alphabetically.

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