The 2024 matchwinner also scored in 2022.

Can you name every Champions League final goalscorer since 2000?

Some of the world’s best and most iconic footballers have lit up the biggest stage in the club game by scoring in the Champions League final – but can you name every one of them to have done so since 2000?

Fifty-two different players have scored in a Champions League final since the turn of the millennium. We’re sure you’ll know a great deal of the superstar names, but what about the rest?

You’ve got 15 minutes to name them all, and we’ve listed the years in which they scored – and the clubs they scored for – as clues. For players that have scored in multiple Champions League finals, we’ve placed them in order of when they scored their first.

Those clues should make it easier for you to go through and work it out, but we guarantee you’ll be tearing your hair out in frustration at some of the names that scored forgettable consolation goals, with some players on this list somehow otherwise fading into obscurity.

Full marks are attainable if you really know your recent European Cup history, but this one is tough. We’re saying anything above 40 is a respectable effort.

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