Can you name every goalkeeper to play for Man Utd in the PL?

Manchester United's David de Gea salutes the home fans during their Europa League victory over Omonia at Old Trafford, Manchester, October 2022.

Twenty-three different goalkeepers have represented Manchester United in the Premier League – but how many can you name?

We’re sure you’ll get the most famous names, including the man pictured above, who has made over a hundred more Premier League appearances for the Red Devils than any other ‘keeper.

But this is a tricky one, and you’ll be left racking your brains over the lesser-spotted back-up goalkeepers of years gone by, especially the ones that only made one or two appearances for United.

“A great goalkeeper is worth 15 points over the course of a season,” Sir Alex Ferguson once famously said, and the legendary Manchester United knows a thing or two about great goalkeepers – and not-so-great goalkeepers – from his time at Old Trafford.

We’ve given you their total Premier League appearances for United as your clue, along with the years in which they represented the club.

The score to beat from the Planet Football office for this one is 19/23, but we reckon if you’re a die-hard United fan you can get full marks if you really put your mind to it.

If this gives you the taste for more, how about trying to name Alex Ferguson’s 30 most-used players at Manchester United?

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