Can you name every player Mourinho has signed in the Premier League for £10m+?

Jose Mourinho has spent more than any other Premier League manager in history. How many of the 40 players he’s signed for more than £10million can you name?

Rather than ask you to name every player he has signed in the Premier League – which brings up names like Stipe Perica, who we’re not certain actually exists – we just want to see if you can remember the high-profile ones he’s signed at Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham.

“A football team is not just about spending the money,” said Mourinho back in 2018.

“A football team is a little bit like a house. A house is not just about buying your furniture. You have to do work on the house and when it’s ready you buy the furniture.

“You spend money on the best possible furniture and then you are ready to live in an amazing house.”

If this one gives you a taste for another quiz, why not try name the 35 most-used players of Jose Mourinho’s career?

There are 40 to get, and we’re giving you 15 minutes to get them all. This one’s tough.

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