Can you name the first all-foreign Premier League starting XI?


Chelsea in the late-90s was a haven for cosmopolitan football.

Twenty years ago today, the Blues lifted the FA Cup with Ruud Gullit at the helm as manager, and the Dutchman’s tenure as boss kickstarted an influx of foreign imports joining the west Londoners.

That campaign was an incredibly excited period for the Premier League, as England welcomed a host of signings from Europe and beyond.

Fittingly, it was Chelsea who went on to name the first ever starting XI consisting solely of foreign players, although Gullit by this point had been replaced by Gianluca Vialli as manager.

The team was made up of players from Holland, Spain, France, Brazil, Nigeria, Italy, Romania, Uruguay and Norway, as Chelsea ran out 2-1 victors at Southampton on Boxing Day 1999.

Think you can name the whole team? Well, you’ve got three minutes to prove it, but we’re not giving you any more clues.

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