Can you decipher these 50 WC players from the ridiculously tough clues?


If you’ve been enjoying your World Cup quizzes, we may have just delivered you the best, most frustrating of the lot. 

Naming well-known players that have played in a World Cup sounds relatively straightforward, right? Well, you can answer that for yourselves after having a go at this.

All you have to do is name 50 players from the following picture. Easy stuff, yeah?

Each player is represented by a simple – or not so simple – clue. You really need rake your mind for some.

You can play the game below or view it in full screen mode at Reflect Digital, who had us pulling out our hair with their original Find 50 challenge in 2017.

Once you’ve wasted as much of your working day on this as you can possibly get away with, tweet us your scores @planetfutebol.

Fancy another challenge? Visit our quiz page for a host of other brainteasers.

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