Can you name all 64 Brazilians that have played in the Premier League?


A total of 64 Brazilians have played in the Premier League at some point since its inception – but can you name them all?

The summer transfer window is in full swing with big-money moves happening all over the country, and Manchester City have already bagged one Brazilian for next season with goalkeeper Ederson signing from Benfica for a reported £35million.

In general, the Samba boys have made a success of themselves in the Premier League, but there have been some hits, misses and nearly men.

Robinho, now 33, is a perfect example, finishing his first season in the Premier League as City’s top scorer with 14 goals and the fourth top scorer in the league. However, the next campaign he was plagued by injury and decided to look for a way out of the club in January after falling down the pecking order.

There, we’ve given you a freebie, now go and name the other 63, you lovely people. Good luck!

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