Chelsea's Didier Drogba celebrating after the Champion's League Final, Bayern Munich vs Chelsea in Munich, Germany on May 19th,2012.

Can you name all 74 players to score in the Champions League for Chelsea?

Seventy-four players have scored for Chelsea in the Champions League – but how many of them can you name?

We’ve given you 20 minutes to name each and every player, with some incredibly tricky names in there. Twenty-seven of them have notched just once in the competition.

A * denotes that the player is playing for the club in 2021-22.

It’s a challenging one, but if you fancy another after, see if you can name the last four Chelsea players to wear the numbers 1-11.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tweet us your scores @planetfutebol. The average score at the time of writing is 47%…

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