Can you name every manager to have won the Champions League?

Some legendary managers have lifted the European Cup since it was rebranded as the Champions League in 1992 – but can you name everyone to have won the trophy?

You’ve got 15 minutes to name them all, and we’ve listed the years and winning clubs as clues. We’re expecting some strong scores here – ours to beat is 30/31.

“I am the record man! I had the luck to come here last year, and to have a fantastic season,” said the manager who features on this list four times, which is the most of anybody.

“I found, as usual, a fantastic club and a really good squad, with a lot of quality and a strong mental character. I think this season was top.

“I cannot believe it. I think that we had a fantastic season, and we did really well. It was a difficult game.”

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