Can you name every club Lionel Messi has scored a hat-trick against?

Lionel Messi has scored 48 hat-tricks to date in his professional club career, but can you name every team that’s been on the receiving end of such genius?

The eight-time Ballon d’Or winner has carved out a legacy as an immortal being dedicated to entertaining us and bewildering us in equal proportions with his sheer wizardry and is no stranger to devastating club opposition with a hat-trick.

Be it in league competition, cup competition or the brightest lights that the Champions League has to offer, Messi has always stepped up and stolen the show with a trio of goals to remind us all of his unfathomable brilliance.

We’re asking you to name every team he’s scored a hat-trick against, not including friendlies or international competition. To help you out, we’ve given you the competition it was scored in, the score of the game and the date it was played.

Considering how long he played for Barcelona, the bulk of the answers are Spanish sides from varying divisions, but there are a few European clubs ready to catch you out too.

If this gives you the taste for another quiz, have a go at trying to name every team Messi has scored five or more goals against?

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