An easy answer - but what about the rest?

Can you name the top scorer for every Ligue 1 season since 1990?

Ligue 1 has been home to some of football’s most lethal strikers over the last 30 years or so – but how well do you know those who have finished as top scorer in the French top-flight?

We want you to name every Ligue 1 top scorer since 1990 and while it might sound a breeze, your knowledge of French football will be tested to the maximum.

Perhaps the most overlooked division in Europe’s top five due to the riches of Paris Saint-Germain over the last decade, Ligue 1 actually boasts talent across the division, consistently provides brilliant players and often attracts them, too.

More often than not, it is a striker playing for the team who wins the league that picks up the top scorer award, but in the last 10 years of the French top flight, the top scorer award has been won by a player who didn’t win the league on four separate occasions.

You’ll need a lot more than just your knowledge of PSG’s flashy signings to get you through this one, in a quiz that’s littered with star players and cult heroes from the modern day and yesteryear.

To help out, we’ve provided the club the winner(s) played for  – and yes, in some instances, the award was shared between players.

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