Can you name every member of Brazil’s 2002 World Cup-winning squad?


Brazil won the World Cup for a record fifth time back in 2002 – but can you remember their full 23-man squad from the tournament?

Having lost 3-0 to France in the 1998 final, Brazil came back even stronger in 2002 and lifted the trophy after beating Germany 2-0 in the final in Yokohama.

You’ve got 10 minutes to name the 23-man squad, with each player’s club at the time of the World Cup and their position as clues.

If you fancy taking on another quiz after this, why not try naming every member of Italy’s 2006 World Cup-winning squad?

Good luck and don’t forget to tweet us your score @planetfutebol. The score from the office to beat is 17/23.

Note: If you’re having problems attempting the quiz, play it on the Sporcle website.

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