Romelu Lukaku celebrates during the Premier League match between Everton and Arsenal, April 2014.

Can you name every player Everton have signed for £20m or more?

Everton didn’t break the £20million barrier for a new signing until 2014 – but can you name every player they have spent at least that amount of cash on since then?

There are 20 players in total to name, but though they were all relatively high-profile acquisitions at the time, some of them are still pretty forgettable.

Still, Everton fans should still be getting 100% on this so to make things slightly more difficult we’ve only listed the initial fee reported to have been paid for each player and the year they joined as a clue.

Once you’ve completed this quiz, you might want to try something a little more challenging, like attempting to name every player to have scored 15 or more Premier League goals for the Toffees.

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