Can you name every player from the United States to play in Serie A?

There are around 18 million Italian Americans in the world, but only 11 male players from the United States since 1990 have played in Serie A – can you name them all?

Italy and America have long had such geographical links from across the pond, but when it comes to football, that link is a much more exclusive club. We want you to put your knowledge of North American footballers in Italy’s top flight to the ultimate test.

Excluding Alfonso Negro and Armando Frigo, who both played in Serie A before and during the Second World War respectively, only 11 male footballers from the United States to date have blessed the pitches of Serie A.

We’ve given you 10 minutes to name them, providing the club(s) they played for and in what years they did as clues. An asterisk indicates that the player is still at the club right now.

While some are rather obvious, there are a few that’ll have you scratching your brain hard. Don’t be fooled – this is a quiz for Serie A buffs and those with a brilliant knowledge of North American players.

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