Mohamed Salah #11 of Liverpool.

Can you name every player to have scored 100 Premier League goals?

Thirty-four players have scored 100 or more goals in the Premier League since its inception in 1992 – but how many of them can you name?

We’ve given you 15 minutes, and your clue is the total number of goals they have bagged. We’ve also included an asterisk to denote whether they’re still actively playing in England’s top flight.

We’re pretty sure you’ll know every single name that makes up the hundred club, but naming each and every one of them is easier said than done. You’ll definitely kick yourself when it comes to the ones you’ve missed.

“I have always said that the best feeling in the world is scoring a goal. Don’t tell my missus that, but it is. When that ball hits the back of the net, it is fantastic,” said the Premier League’s all-time top scorer, who scored no fewer than 260 goals.

If you fancy another challenge after this, try name the top English goalscorer from every Premier League season.

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