Can you name every Premier League club’s record departure?

Chelsea forward Eden Hazard celebrates his second goal during the Premier League thrashing of Huddersfield Town at Stamford Bridge, London, February 2019.

It’s never nice to lose your very best players and even clubs at the top of the tree in the Premier League have had to sell their most valuable stars – but can you name the record departure of every 2022-23 top-flight club?

Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea fans know all too well the pain of waving goodbye to their favourite players, while for clubs lower down the transfer market’s food chain it’s a part of life seemingly every summer.

And not even the immense wealth of Premier League clubs can insulate them when an even bigger fish comes calling for one of their star players.

Three of the transfers on our list happened during the most recent summer window, so there’s no excuse for anybody not to get those, but a few more entries will have you scratching your head in frustration.

But how well can you remember every Premier League club’s record departure? We’ve given you 15 minutes to name all 20’s most expensive sale, with only the year as your clue.

The score to beat from the Planet Football office is 16/20 – we reckon this is beatable though and will be disappointed if you somehow managed a lower score than us. Seriously.

Even so, if this one is just too straightforward, why not try to name the Premier League-winning captain for every season?

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