Can you name every South American player to have scored 15+ CL goals?

Barcelona's Lionel Messi celebrates scoring against Arsenal, April 2010.

Some absolutely sensational South Americans have graced the Champions League over the years. But can you name every South American to manage 15 or more goals in the competition since it was re-branded from the European Cup in 1992?

Several of the best players in Champions League history have come from South America.

One, in particular, stands out – both in terms of his impact on the competition and the sheer number of goals he’s scored. He tops this list and you’ll likely not take long guessing his name.

But there are plenty who’ve been prolific. Both those from the early days of the re-branded tournament in the 1990s, who lit up Europe with powerful finishing and scintillating skill, and those who’ve excelled more recently.

In fact, such is the impact of South Americans on the Champions League that only once has a team has won the competition without a South American in their starting XI since Liverpool did so in 2005.

That team was Bayern Munich in 2020 – and even they had Brazilian Philippe Coutinho on the bench. And before you think we’re giving you any clues, no, Coutinho isn’t one of the answers here.

You’ve got 10 minutes to name all the South American players who have managed 15 or more goals in the Champions League over the past three decades. An asterisk denotes a player who has been active in the competition this season.

There are some really tough ones to get here, so we’ll be thoroughly impressed if anyone gets full marks.

If this gives you a taste for another quiz, why not have a crack at naming every player to win the Champions League and World Cup? There are 60 of them, believe it or not.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tweet us your scores @planetfutebol.

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