Can you name every UEFA Cup and Europa League finalist since 1990?


The 2021 Europa League final will see a former winner come up against a first-time finalist, and we’re asking to see how well you know the competition over the past three decades. 

Going back to 1990, to when it was still known as the UEFA Cup and contested two-legged finals, there have been 30 finals, and 64 different teams, with many clubs appearing multiple times.

We’ve given you 10 minutes to name all 64, with just the year of each final as your clue. There are some really tricky ones in there and we’ll be impressed if you can get 100% – the score from our office to beat is 59/64.

If this gives you the taste for another quiz, try to name every team to compete in a Champions League final.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tweet us your scores @planetfutebol.

Note: If you’re having problems attempting the quiz, play it on the Sporcle website.

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